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My name is Adzy Shah, I’m an independent Forex Trader from Leicester and for the past 15 years I have been fascinated by the world of investing. My story started when I graduated from university, fresh skills, money crazy looking to go in the big world and become a millionaire. There was just something about me that didn’t fit with a 9-5 job, I had big dreams and big aspirations HOWEVER as you will read, my start to life was a painful one.

Adnan shah

How Did my Journey begin?

I had big dreams and big aspirations, I wanted to become a successful individual in the shortest period of time. 

Thus I was registering on many websites, to learn, to gain knowledge and to use my mind and capital to achieve my goals. Working 2 jobs saving every bit of capital I had for a few years, doing car tune ups and resprays’ on the weekend (my hobby) to earn and earn, obviously to make money you have to have money………Right?! Little did I know that all my details were soon going to be shared (did I read disclaimers and understand my details will be shared, NO!). Imagine putting a small chicken leg in between 50 sharks who haven’t eaten in a week, this was my fate.

Soon enough my telephone began to ring off the hook. Sales company after sales company began to ring me. 

‘Mr Shah!!!! we have the greatest investment opportunity in the world for you! You can multiply your capital in just a few months!’ We can turn a mere £5000 investment for you to £20,000 in the space of 6 months!’ 

This was the main theme of the calls I began to receive. All of a sudden, my dreams flashed before my eyes, I could feel the heat of the sun on my tanning skin off the coast of Monaco watching the F1 race from my brand new luxury Yacht.

I can turn my capital over in just 6 months by 300%! Do this a few times and I’ll be a millionaire in no time. The glossy brochures began to come through the post. The persistent phone calls that I’m about to miss out rolled in. Packs of papers explaining to me what the investment is, how it is, terms and conditions, blah blah blah, did I read them? No. Did I care what the investment was? No. Did I do any research? No. What did I do? Ladies and Gentlemen, I sat with a notepad and was writing what I will name my Yacht, what cars I will own, were I will buy my multi million pound mansion and funnily what I was going to build for my family. I’m a genius, good bye university colleagues, I’ll be the one turning up at the reunion in a Ferrari, you guys stick to the 9-5 grind and work yourselves into an early grave. 

“I knew there was just something about me that couldn’t settle for just a 9-5 job”

Jack Evans,
Safety Invest client


The sales people and investment ‘firms’

As the months and years progressed, I worked my fingers to the bone, I set myself a target that my dreams will only come true once I have saved £100,000, I can use that to invest, and within 5 years will be a millionaire. I was never rude to anyone, I was never horrible, I never looked down on anyone, I just kept my head down, focused, worked and worked punishing hours convincing myself that soon enough all my hard work will pay off and Investing will revolutionise me.

The day finally came, I had made the money I felt I needed to start investing. 

As the brochures piled in, because the letters and brochures were so professional, I had absolutely nothing to worry about, it was so legit in my mind, I never knew such thing as a SCAM even existed, I was in the clouds. Literally every phone call I got. £5,000 here, £10,000 there I was the investment King! My funds slowly dwindled, yet the calls kept piling in. 

Were they sales people? No, to me they were my guardian angels, the sweet talking, caring, loving brokers and account managers that I owe my life to, these people were the ones to make all my dreams come true. My money began to run out, yet the phone calls kept coming, so I began to work even harder, at the end of the month because I was living with Mum and Dad all my wages and savings were going into investments, literally once a month or every two months. All of my investments, my account managers would ring me every month and beat me to a pulp with their words to up my investment, constantly saying how my percentage will get even bigger!

Safely Investing


I have investments

I remember quite clearly after a year and a half of investing, £150k worth of hard earned money, the time came for me to start cashing in to my investments, to take profits and the matured funds and re-invest the larger amounts for even greater growth and returns. I began to call my account managers and brokers, my body and mind were tired, I wanted to take a break from all the work I’ve been doing because I was essentially fried. Little did I know that was going to happen, my angels began to say to me I’m crazy and that not to pull my investment, They tried so hard to convince me to stay. this theme carried on from one company to another. I began to get very agitated, I had taken a few months leave from my jobs, I was getting broke, I was hoping to get some money back, after weeks of meeting the requirements and filling out forms, I waited and waited, ‘Money will be in your account in 2 days Adzy don’t worry’ 2 months later I’m still waiting. Friends supported me, I borrowed because I was promised that my broker will give me thousands from my investment in no time at all, I’m just waiting for the money to clear.

Did any money actually come back? No………

This became a reality when I began to ring the same numbers and nobody answered, or when my call was answered, my account manager is either off sick or on annual leave and nobody can deal with my account except my designated representative. Emails were bouncing back to me saying ;the host couldn’t be reached’.  After investing 150k and one a half years worth of waiting, guess what I did, YES you guessed it, RESEARCH!!!! Upon entering a company’s name in Google I began to find not one but blogs full of people in exact same situations as me, the people who were sold the dream! There was things on the FCA (back then I think they were called the FSA if my memory serves me correctly) websites that they were scammers. Blogs full of everyone’s stories exactly the same as mine. I went to the authorities, I received nothing, companies lied to buy time, eventually they all went bust and disappeared off the face of the earth. The mental and physical state I was in, I wanted to genuinely die. I had lost everything people, all of my money, my dreams had exploded in front of my eyes. everything was gone, I had no chance left, my money was gone.


Wasn’t it enough I was robbed for everything? Sadly no….

Yet the phone kept ringing, this time it was from companies who promised they could recover my funds etc. to help me, I researched on them, I followed the basic steps I could find alone. I realised later what these scammers were doing. 

Let’s be honest here for a minute, put yourself in my shoes, if someone called you up after losing £150k, sympathised with you and then told you not worry and that they could recover your money, come hell or high water you would definitely take them up on that chance. 

Sooooooooooooooo, another round on investments soon came in, I was persuaded and convinced once again, from recovery companies and new investment companies that they could either recover my funds or make me all my money back. They fuelled me with courage and faith, they showed me company registrations etc. this time I was at least asking for some information, if not all but at least some! I would like to point out guys that at this stage my dream was shattered, all I was focused on now was getting back my 150k that I crucified myself for and doing something else. The demand for cash grew, I began taking loans, maxing my credit cards, borrowing from friends and family all in a bid to recover my £150k life savings. Another £50k and another year passed until one day I was speaking to one of the companies were majority of funds were and no word of a lie, after saying good bye I hadn’t hanged my phone up yet but my account manager hadn’t realised he didn’t hang up his phone properly, no word of a lie this is what I heard:- After laughing my account manager said ‘This guy is the stupidest person I have ever met, gosh it’s like taking candy from a baby, he was so easy to get money from before (he said the company name that scammed me a year earlier), this guy is a gold mine, looks like ill be taking the crown and bonus this month again, ‘thanks Adzy you dumb f**k’. It then dawned on me and the truth starred me in the face. Yes I was that dumb F**k. I was allowing the same scammers to scam me again. I realised how firstly GREED, cost me money. then how STUPIDITY cost me and then finally my EMOTIONS cost me!  I did in fact call my account manager and told him what I heard, all I heard was the click of him putting the phone down never to hear from him again, my calls never being answered and again the company coming up later on a watch list that they are scammers. 


BRAIN engaged, efforts at 100% I’m not giving up on investing, but this time things will be differen

From that day, I worked again hard, I spent time working, NOT INVESTING, I cleared my debts, began to study how to trade the financial markets, rather than investing in companies, I invested into myself and became a top end forex trader, I worked for the top names and rebuilt myself. It took me ages. 

After reaching a peak, I left all the companies behind, became the soul decision maker, invested my own capital and made decisions off my own back with no outside interference, I used only my own knowledge and skills and rebuilt myself. Today I’m 32 years old and my dream is alive and thriving. 

I was posting trading ideas etc on many Facebook groups and social media platforms. I had made it! Yes I did also invest in some companies, however these companies were established for years and years, I learned a lot of skills along the way to ensure history does not repeat itself.  


Theres plenty of Adzy’s out there………..

The fact is though my old wounds began to resurface and the past began to come alive. 

How you may wonder? Through many channels, many individuals began to message me, they all wanted help to trade and invest. Why? Simply, they were another Adzy in the world, they had been scammed for everything, their life experiences were photo copy of my own. This is what lead to me helping others to understand what had happened. I gave people emotional and psychological support, they were in a place where I was once, I felt exactly what they felt, I knew the sort things that were crossing their minds. I didn’t have the heart to leave them alone. I assisted and helped many people get back on their feet and stabilise their own lives.  

Unfortunately the messages have grown and grown, people up until now in 2019 still making the same mistakes that I made years and years ago. How are these scammers still able to do what they do? The fact remains, as generations progress, scammers get smarter, hence why I created this website, to share experiences not just of mine but others who have had similar experiences, for the general public to read, for you to read and not make those mistakes that we did, safe guard yourselves and protect yourselves, your capital and your future.  The investing world is beautiful however due to a lot of rotten apples is also the most dangerous place to be! Let this website and the information inside it serve you well, I hope you guys stay safe, I hope this website is shared across the world so that people can learn from one another and progress happily and carefully.  


Your welcome…..

Within this website you will learn from the information provided:- · Some useful tips to safe guard yourself.· Understand the 3 deadly elements of investing Greed, Stupidity and Emotions, how to manage them and control them in your decision making process.· How to identify scams and certain techniques that scammers use to separate you from your hard earned money.· How the authorities who have dedicated themselves to help you can NOT protect you from yourself, how to utilise the tools they have provided you again in your decision making process. · Appreciate all the information available to you, there’s no point crying over spilt milk, learn from it and share experiences with others to help our community and families from being destroyed by these Scammers, lets unite to bring them to justice and rid our world of them. the smarter we get, the safer we will be and lets finally assist the authorities rather than seeing them as people ‘who don’t care or people that are of no use to us!’ I wish you all the very best and I would like to thank all of the people involved in helping me making this website reach the masses and all the people who have inputted in any way shape or form in this websites creation.