Do you actually know???

This may seem as a stupid question………………… but I bet you, after your done reading this page you will be very glad that you did!

Reaching here you will probably think to yourself why is Adzy trying to explain to me what investing is, I know what it is!

Would you be shocked if I told you that 90% of people could possibly give me a generic explanation to what investing is but they don’t actually know what it entails. 

The oxford dictionary definition of investing is as follows:-

Investing – To put (money) into financial schemes, shares, property or a commercial venture with the expectation of achieving a profit.

Now as the years have progressed for me I have understood investing to be yes similar to what the dictionary states, however my understanding of the term ‘investing has broadened a great deal’.

Adnan shah

Our Mission

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Stay with me here

Stay with me here because I’m about to share something quite large with you. In human nature we have a tendency to stick our legs into all sorts of things, one emotion that consistently attaches with us in what we do is ‘FEAR’. Now when we fully understand something and it becomes the norm, we no longer fear that particular thing because we have the self-confidence within us that we know what we’re doing. Going back to my original statistic 90% of people know what investing is but they haven’t really understood it, so from the word get go they are involving themselves into something were the fear element is heightened and little do they know they are massively afraid of it, extremely hopeful but scared to death. In the About Me section the reason why I got scammed to high heaven was simply because I knew what investing was but I didn’t understand the avenues to reach it which supposedly all the sales people had. That is the reason why, blind folded did as they said and followed their commands as a well trained dog. They were my angels, they wouldn’t steer me wrong, well that was the belief I had inside me. 

When I started my education and take responsibility for my own actions, that was the first time I was actually investing with no fear because it became a second nature to me. I actually understood what investing actually is. 

Would you believe me if I told you that you are actually one of the best investors out there. you just don’t know it. So what is the need to fear it? Let me explain, the dictionary definition above has the word ‘money’ in brackets! what that means is when people talk about investing, its majority of the time associated with money and making more of it. People investing is not money, money is an element of it, but it’s not all of it. change the word money from the definition above to knowledge, profit isn’t just riches, knowledge is the greatest profit! Put other worlds into that definition and see what starts to kick around in that mind of yours…..


To put (knowledge) into financial schemes, shares, property or a commercial venture with the expectation of achieving a profit.

Now guys you will see my point here, say for a year you put knowledge and research into a financial scheme, ie. you have been watching for a year Apples stock price, you have seen all the ups and downs of this company, all of its statistics, earning figures etc. you start to spot things, good or bad bad which is literally screaming at you where the stock price of Apple could potentially head towards in the next 12 months. Are you not now is a higher probability position to invest in apple as a buyer or seller based on what you have seen, the knowledge you have gained is the profit! It has given you ammunition you need to make a good decision!

This is my understanding of investing. Investing is putting an element of yourself into something in order to gain something extra. You invest yourself into education, to learn and to gain a degree, that’s  investing, you plant a tree in your garden to grow fruit to eat, that’s investing, you go and train at the gym to get built and ripped and look sexy, that’s investing. On a daily basis you are investing all the time, e.g. you wake up and shower, so that you don’t stink, that’s investing etc. why don’t you sit there for a few minutes and think of the last few days and write to yourself how many times you have done something in order to gain something else, which is a little different to what you had before. I can come up with at least 20 things you have invested in today. In my opinion the greatest investment we actually do in the world is the investment of time. 

“I knew there was just something about me that couldn’t settle for just a 9-5 job”

Jack Evans,
Safety Invest client

Our Focus

Now the purpose of this website is we are focusing on the element of money in terms of our investment but the purpose of this page was to broaden and understand what investing actually is. It should be something that you are no afraid of, it’s something that you have all the capabilities within you, you don’t really need the advice of others that much, because others who you may have been seeking advice from they probably don’t know what it is either. So you have a bunch of people sharing the wrong understandings with one another so when you are called by a sales company and listen to a posh gentleman throwing lots of technical terms at you, you automatically believe he knows more than you and you should follow him or the crowd, the most powerful and smartest entity in the entire situation is you and yourself only! You have enough naturally in your mindset to survive and make the best decisions for yourself, you are an expert investor you just haven’t known it, break your investing down as you do your normal day to day chores. understand to yourself what you have, the destination you wish to get to and make a plan in order to get there. Stop with putting outsiders in charge of that! Try to understand your eating and sleeping habits because they are exactly the same as your investing habits, you must be in control at all times and make conscious decisions but yourself, no influence at all from outside. If somebody tells you invest in Apple now its going up, stop, breathe, think and make that decision based on things ahead of you, not because Barry your neighbour next door is doing it and hes got a hot tip, because when you loose your money, Barry will take no responsibility, then your in a situation were you have to live next door to someone who has cost you thousands! Its human nature not accept your own mistakes but to quickly blame others!

Digging Deeper

What this will inevitably lead to is you digging deeper, you will not listen to outside influences because you’re not afraid, naturally you will begin to research, understand, the pro’s and con’s, you will be able to work out probabilities to whether and investment is good for you or not, what are the % chances of it working out and what are the % chances of you failing, you will feel a much greater sense of knowledge and you will begin to naturally ask all the right questions and ensure you do the correct motions, exactly like your driving test. Confidence is the key here, the more confident you are the greater chances you have of passing your test and in the driving example, confidence comes from studying and practising. You may fail your driving test once or twice as in you may have one or two bad investments however what makes the investment bad is if you have put your entire life into it all in one go, practice, try and understand your RISKS which I address on the next page.

To sum up this page, 90% of investors fail for one main reason, they see investing as a fast money maker with no effort or skill needed. They do not appreciate or understand the fundamentals of investing, they are arrogant towards RISK and they simply do not plan, they do what I did, think they are top guns, run in head first all excited, they do no research, they make no plans or directions (goals) for their lives, they put a curtain of riches in front of their eyes and what that leads to is this big bad world taking you for absolutely everything you have. Nothing comes easy, you want to be a successful investor, study and learn, practice, develop your skills, associate with those individuals who will break it down like I have and throw the cold hard truth in your face that you don’t like, only then will you begin to realise exactly what I am saying and get on to the beautiful side of investing.